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Friday, August 26, 2011

"...let Facts be submitted to a candid World."

On December 13, 2007 my first ex-wife filed a false affidavit with the Marshall County Department of Human Resources.  In said false affidavit, she claimed that at that time, I was in arrears on my child support for a total of $800.00 which was a fabrication.  The filing of the false affidavit constitutes perjury under the law.  DHR refused to prosecute her, despite - after some time - admitting that there had been a mistake when they determined I owed past due support.  It was only after I threatened the Marshall County DHR Director with filing a Writ of Mandamus which would force him to perform his official duties that I got some kind of relief.  Shortly thereafter I started receiving the first of many refund checks from the State of Alabama.

Since that time I have been ridiculed for not paying my child support (which I actually had paid), mired in neverending debt with no help in sight due to excessive and unlawful wage garnishments, had my constitutional rights to own property and those of due process trampled upon or outright ignored, and was almost thrown in jail for not paying child support that I had in fact paid.  The following posts are ledgers detailing payments from July, 2006 when I was first ordered to pay child support, through the nightmare that was the administrative wage garnishment and tax offset, all the way to the present day.  To date, the Marshall County Department of Human Resources has forced me to overpay my child support by $1,221.50 without any regard for my due process or property rights.  They refuse my claims that I was forced to overpay though the following ledgers clearly show the financial oppression which I have lived through these last few years.  You make have to click below to see all the ledgers on the same page:


"...let Facts be submitted to a candid World."          

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