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Thursday, September 29, 2011

one step closer...

The following website has a wealth of information regarding filing 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 (Civil Rights) claims in federal court. It was exactly what I needed to refine my complaint:

Legal grounds for filing a Civil Rights complaint in Federal Court

I would be remissed if I did not mention the contribution of local attorney Shane Hollaway in refining my lawsuit in order to improve its effectiveness. He has done some legal work for me in the past when DHR tried to put me in jail for no reason, and he stopped them. He's an honest guy and cares about the people he represents. He has been a huge help for me. He practices in Guntersville, Alabama. He is also reasonable with his fees, the best I have found. Thanks Shane!

I have had a couple of the smartest legal minds I know look over my complaint and they agree my argument is clear, concise, and compelling. It was suggested that I reach out to some of the civil rights organizations out there like the ACLU or Southern Poverty Law Center to see if they will provide legal assistance on the matter, and I think I will. I plan to proceed as normal with my suit though.

In my last letter to DHR, I gave them until October 18, 2011 to refund the money I overpaid, cease charging me interest on imaginary past-due balances, provide me with a written statement confirming that I do not have a past-due balance, AND to immediately cease enforcement of any Title IV-D administrative wage garnishment that they are enforcing on any parent in Marshall County pending judicial review in a court of competent jurisdiction while adhering to our rights of due process. Trust me, they should take the deal. Alas, I bet they won't, and it's going to cost them. 1983 complaints are serious violations of the Constitution.

So I will honor my deadline, and give them time to respond despite not being originally accorded that courtesy, and as it were, constitutional right which is partially how they violated my rights. We're one step closer...

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