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Thursday, October 20, 2011

actions speak louder than words...

The deadline for DHR to respond to my cease and desist letter passed on October 18, 2011. They failed to respond to my claims. In previous months they were quick to respond by simply telling me that I am wrong. This last time, nothing.

Of course, there's big changes going on at DHR. Their director tucked tail and ran shortly after I publicly held him accountable for his actions in the Arab Tribune. I made sure he got a copy of my last letter before taking early retirement. Must be nice to just up and quit your job. You would figure he'd be decent enough to stick around until his replacement got their feet wet in the job. Maybe he wasn't given that option.

So, while the Marshall County DHR continues to ignore me and my claims, they have made some notable changes quietly. Among them:

NOW they say I do not owe any back child support. Funny, that's not what my last statement said (dated 9/1/2011 - it claimed I owed $382.54). They did not even bother to send me a statement for September. Simply ridiculous, but hey at least the bleeding has stopped...for now.

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