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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Second Class Citizen

That is what fathers in Alabama are under current Alabama family law. It is not only fathers, also mothers who share the State enforced second class citizen status of "non-custodial parent." This, however, is only symptomatic of a much larger transgression by the State which has resulted in the State trampling over the rights of Alabama children and their parents. The State of Alabama is committing fraud against the United States government and I can prove it. These fraudulent actions, committed by the State of Alabama, against the people of the United States have increased the Federal deficit while financially benefitting the state agencies.

The Title IV-D program was created by Congress to assist the states in enforcement and collection of child support orders for single moms and children on welfare. The prevailing thought was that this would accordingly reduce the welfare burden on the federal government, shifting the burden of support on the parent where it belongs.

To entice the states, Congress setup an incentive payment scheme based on how effective a state was in its enforcement. Federal law ordered all child support money collected under the Title IV-D program (ostensibly for welfare moms) to be paid into a central disbursement center which would then pay the mother. The incentive payment pool was based on twice the amount of money that goes through the disbursement center. So for every dollar a state collects for a welfare mom in child support, the federal government gives the state two dollars (I have recently heard it is $1.83 for every dollar collected now) under Title IV-D. So far, even I am going along with this plan, though I have a few reservations about budget concerns.

Alabama took it one step further though. The State orders all child support even from routine divorce cases not related to the Title IV-D program to paid through the same center disbursement center that is used for the Title IV-D program. There are no welfare moms in these routine divorce proceedings. Nor is paying child support contested. It merely has to be calculated as part of the normal course of divorce proceedings when a child is involved. Even when the parties agree to deviate from Rule 32 (Alabama's child support regulations), the child support is still ordered to be paid through the central disbursement center.

These institutionalized practices and procedures by State Actors, serve to artifially inflate the amount of money which is handled through the central disbursement center. This accordingly inflates the incentive payment pool available to the State of Alabama under the Title IV-D program. This constitutes fraud. Still, it gets worse. It is true, greed knows no bounds.

That is why "Standard Visitation" is sixty-six days (66) out of the year (365). The reason Alabama fathers only get to share in 18% percent of their child's life is because the more separation the State can order between the father and his child, the more child support they can enforce against the father. Accordingly, the more money which is collected in child support, even in cases unrelated to Title IV-D, the larger the incentive payment pool is for the State under the Title IV-D. It is also why Alabama refuses to take into consideration the amount of direct support provided to the child by the father nor will they recognize the father's necessity to support himself so that he can support his child. This would accordingly reduce the amount of the incentive payment pool available to the state under the Title IV-D program which is why the State denies it.

We are talking some $64 million dollars in a year for the State of Alabama recently. This is disgusting!

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