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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A father's Christmas plea...

Having good reason to believe that it will be heard, I offer the following:

It being of common knowledge that it would be in the best interests of our daughter for us to discard our adversarial positions, and in an attempt to "bury the hatchet," I would be willing to release you from any and all legal actions I am taking, though I would continue to pursue my claims against the State for their trespasses.  I do not wish harm against you.  I am fully willing, as I have been, to participate and compromise in a responsible adult relationship, of which our daughter would be the sole intended beneficiary.  That is not to say we would not individually benefit from it.  If nothing else, I bet it'd do wonders for our blood pressure.  Mine is One Heart Attack over 99.  What's yours?  We cannot fight forever, you know.

Develop an equal, shared parenting plan that allows for more time with her Daddy who is more than just a paycheck and a visitor.  I do not wish to "take" her from you or whatever suspicion you may have.  When she's with me, the direct support burden is on me and not you.  It would make life easier for you.  Plus, I would never do something to hurt to our daughter.  You are her mother.  That was God's decision and I shall not interfere unless her safety is at risk.  I know you love our daughter, and I have no doubt that you do everything you can to protect her, just as I do.  Put down your weapons.  They only hurt the one we are trying to protect.  I am not asking for more or less than you.  I want to bear the burden equally, if you would only consent. 

It is an offer, take it for what it is, understand my intentions and motivations arise solely out of my love for our daughter and my concern for her well being, which I know is also of importance to you.  That is why I am hoping you will see the sincerity of my statements and agree to bury the hatchet with me.

- A loving Alabama father

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