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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I believe in free speech, but it needs to be truthful

I have always tried to allow this to be a public forum by allowing anyone to post their thoughts and comments on my blog posts without my approval.  This liberty has been repeatedly abused recently by someone posting vicious lies anonymously with the malicious intent of impuning my character.  I attempted to show the ficticious nature their claims to silence their designs, but with no success. Unfortunately, I will now moderate comments and will not approve any malicious falsehoods posted anonymously.  If you are going to make accusations against me, man up and sign your name to them.  If anyone wishes to dispute my claims, they are free to request an opportunity to inspect my supporting documentation.  Soon it will all be a part of the public record anyway due to the discovery process of my federal court case. 

Which brings me to an interesting point.  Why would I spend so much time studying the law and take the risk of filing a lawsuit against my State, and my archnemesis DHR, if what I claim is all a lie?  Do you not think that if I am lying or making false claims, that a federal courtroom would be the LAST place I would want to be heard?  Do you think I would work as hard as I have, risk as much as I have, to get my case before a federal judge?  Filing my lawsuit was no small feat.  I don't have thousands of dollars to throw at an attorney.  That lawsuit is the product of hours and days and weeks and months AND years of hard studying.  Some of my friends have been invaluable in my efforts to be sure.  I would not have made it as far as I have without their help.  You see, there are other fathers working on their own civil rights lawsuits as we speak.  If we come across a US Supreme Court case or something we think the other needs to read, we share them.  I call them my angels because I know God sent them my way.

The allegations some folks make against me simply amaze me.  They attack me and try to infer I am selfish and some kind of absent parent.  It appears that my main detractor is associated with my first ex in some manner.  That being so, they should be well aware that she has two other children with two other real deadbeat dads and she has never pursued either of them for child support.  She stands before a judge and tells him her "circumstances have changed" and she now needs more child support money from me yet the other two fathers do not have that rabid pack of hyenas (DHR) after them.  She committed perjury in the courtroom by claiming she did not know who the fathers are, which everybody knows is crap.  So why I am having problems with DHR yet both of those individual owe a massive amount of back support (a combined 14 years worth of back child support)?  Simply put, because I am a daddy to my daughter.  If I had agreed like them, to abandon my child and allow her sole rights to the child, I would not be writing this today.

However, I love my daughter and I will never abandon my child or turn my back on her for my own personal benefit.  No matter what.  There is nothing that the State, DHR, or anyone else can do to stop me from being an influence in my daughter's life.  God Almighty is the only one that possesses that power to separate me from my child.  I pray everyday for His blessings and He has never let me down.  My strength comes from Him.  To God goes all the glory, I am but an implement of His justice.  God will win this fight, not me, but I fight for His cause because I trust in Him.   

If you think I am alone in my claims click the link below to read an article about another federal case out of Georgia recently:

"Judge allows thousands to join child support lawsuit"         

Friday, February 10, 2012

who owes who what?

Above is a refund check I received from the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources today.  There have been a lot of folks attacking me recently about my child support.  If I don't pay my child support, and if my claims of the State violating my property rights by repeatedly and consistently confiscating more child support than is owed are frivolous, explain to me why the State would be sending me refund checks???  That is not the first one I have received.  It is the first one I have received since 2009.  Of course, thirty-six bucks does not come close to what they have taken or the damage they have done.    

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Don't buy Judge Howard Hawk's snake oil!

Below is a letter to the editor I submitted to the Arab Tribune, Advertiser-Gleam, and the Sand Mountain Reporter.

Another Marshall County zebra is trying to change his stripes. However, zebras cannot change their stripes anymore than Judge Howard Hawk can claim he is a republican. Don't let these folks fool you. It was not Jean Brewer or the local republicans that tried to circumvent Marshall County voters in our upcoming judicial election. It was Judge Howard Hawk himself.

After the elections in 2010, this career democrat politician saw the writing on the wall. Then he decided that instead
of “letting the people of Marshall County decide” (as he is so fond of saying now) between himself and the republican candidate, he tried to jump ship. Judge Hawk, a heavily connected insider in democrat party politics, knew that his party would have no one to challenge him if he swapped sides. We have all heard about “insider trading,” but Hawk's deceitful designs are more like “insider electing.” Judge Hawk's concern does not lie with us voters or our ability to decide for ourselves. He is simply trying to manipulate us for his own benefit.

Judge Hawk is just another “good ol boy” politician trying to take advantage of Marshall County voters, much like the ones we removed from office in 2010. I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday nor am I buying what these snake oil salesmen are pushing on us voters. If you do, then give me a call. I've got ocean front property in Arizona I'll be glad to sell you too!