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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Don't buy Judge Howard Hawk's snake oil!

Below is a letter to the editor I submitted to the Arab Tribune, Advertiser-Gleam, and the Sand Mountain Reporter.

Another Marshall County zebra is trying to change his stripes. However, zebras cannot change their stripes anymore than Judge Howard Hawk can claim he is a republican. Don't let these folks fool you. It was not Jean Brewer or the local republicans that tried to circumvent Marshall County voters in our upcoming judicial election. It was Judge Howard Hawk himself.

After the elections in 2010, this career democrat politician saw the writing on the wall. Then he decided that instead
of “letting the people of Marshall County decide” (as he is so fond of saying now) between himself and the republican candidate, he tried to jump ship. Judge Hawk, a heavily connected insider in democrat party politics, knew that his party would have no one to challenge him if he swapped sides. We have all heard about “insider trading,” but Hawk's deceitful designs are more like “insider electing.” Judge Hawk's concern does not lie with us voters or our ability to decide for ourselves. He is simply trying to manipulate us for his own benefit.

Judge Hawk is just another “good ol boy” politician trying to take advantage of Marshall County voters, much like the ones we removed from office in 2010. I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday nor am I buying what these snake oil salesmen are pushing on us voters. If you do, then give me a call. I've got ocean front property in Arizona I'll be glad to sell you too!


  1. Brad: I have to disagree with "all he cares about is who you are and how much money you have". I was damn near "pro se", and he did not know me as a person. He gave me the chance to speak to him of my concerns, without rudeness, in his court room. For those of us who are not too cocky, he's refreshing in a court room. - Susan

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  4. Yep, you figured him out pretty well. Good job