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Friday, August 24, 2012

10 minutes, 10 numbers to help mend broken hearts

I am so thankful to God for His blessings and for granting me the ability to take these actions.  That doesn't make them any easier.  It's nuts to think about.  I am locked in a legal battle with my State, in defense of my indisputable rights, hoping to have some impact which will positively affect others which may find themselves similarly situated.

Who would have ever thought that the Alabama Bar Association and its members, private attorneys, judges, state legislators, and various government personnel would team up against ordinary citizens?  Sure, it's nothing new for the government to do so, that's been charted throughout the history of human government, but the lawyers too?  It happens all over the country, but it is most egregious in Alabama, and nobody does anything about it.

Those conspirators all profit off of the current arrangement which has produced the most abhorrent Constitutional and civil rights violations.  Yet no lawyer, no judge, no legislator, no governor (the men and women with the power to protect the people) have yet stepped forward to challenge these abuses and usurpations.  WHY NOT?  None of these state actors believe me when I present the evidence to their faces, they all deny malicious intent.  Yet the abuses are not corrected, they occur everyday in all 67 counties of Alabama.

And the state coffers continue to fill.  Yet, the State repeatedly claims it is broke and we are in the midst of a budget crisis.  Why is it so impossible to believe that these state actors take these actions because of the poor financial state of the General Fund budget, from which many of their jobs depend on?  Why is that so crazy a concept?  It has unequivocally been demonstrated that the State is currently profiting off of its actions to the tune of tens of millions of dollars a year.  I can demonstrate that by its actions not only is Alabama infringing upon its citizen's Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights, it is also committing fraud against the United States government through the Title IV-D "incentive payment to the States" program.  Don't we have some major federal budget issues too?

Just as the State of Alabama is taking from me money that is not owed, so too are they fraudulently obtaining federal funds based upon their unlawful confiscation of my wages in excess of my actual child support obligation based upon false allegations and despite the availability of clear and convincing evidence against those false allegations.  They have returned some of the money they confiscated from me, but only after running it through the system and getting credit for it for the purposes of collecting its corresponding incentive payment.  Roughly $2 from Uncle Sam for every $1 they take from me.

So that leaves folks like me, Mark Davis, Chris Hobbs, etc. to carry the banner and fight for our rights, your rights, and believe it or not, the well-being of the State and federal government.  If through our actions, we are able to cast light upon fraud and abuses of federal money (taxpayer dollars mind you), and help prevent this fraud from being continued, then every one in this country will benefit.  I wonder how many other States are abusing the system like Alabama?  How many other States are separating parents and children routinely as a method of revenue generation?  Likely all or most of them.  Think of how much federal tax dollars we can save by eliminating all that waste and fraud!  Think of all the societal benefits that will result from making sure that States do not prevent fit parents from influencing and participating in the development and raising of their children!

Think of the reduced welfare burden upon the State and federal government, if those currently on its rolls which are there unnecessarily are removed!  There are too many benefits to list!  It is amazing that we would receive such strong opposition.  Not once has our claims EVER been demonstrated to be false!  On the contrary it has been repeatedly proven that our claims in fact carry great weight and merit, backed up by a sea of documentation and personal testimony.  So why the staunch resistance?  Money, money, money.

Damn, it is infuriating when those that seek to do us harm claim that we act out of selfish or self-serving motives.  It is so heart breaking to hear the stories of abuses by the local family courts.  It affects so many people and children, and it is nauseating to think of the little broken hearts that have resulted from this atrocious excuse for a government program.  If you let it, it can consume your thoughts in very negative ways.  I get so angry and disheartened by the whole mess sometimes that it really affects my mindset and mood.  That's not a good thing and I am continually trying to improve how I deal with it emotionally and mentally because if you let it grab hold of you, it affects your actions and those around you.  I've been guilty of this more times than I would like to admit.

If you cannot believe that things are as bad as I say, it is not a reflection of the accuracy of my statements but rather an invitation for you to inform yourself better on the facts.  There are many of us afflicted by the system, yet most suffer through despite the continued suffering of their neighbors.  You know, though, we're parents.  We've got jobs and kids and responsibilities.  So its hard to find those that are willing to make the time to fight along side of us.  They are here in spirit and support us wholeheartedly, but simply don't have the time.  If this is you, I understand but you must also understand it is time to stop lying to yourself.  Silence equals consent and it takes no more than 10 minutes to dial 10 numbers to help make positive change.  Those 10 numbers are the phone number to your legislator.  Call all of the them.  You only have 2, but maybe there are others in nearby districts you can also share your story with.

The myth of our family court system's perpetuation lies in the silence of those whom suffer the greatest abuses.  We think there is nothing we can do but there is!  Take 10 minutes today to call your legislator!

10 MINUTES of telling your story to your legislator which will be an invaluable public service, you can really be a part of changing the lives of Alabama's children and answering the prayers of thousands of parents!

10 NUMBERS to reach out to your local legislator which will help convince them of the wide ranging nature of these abuses of our Constitutional rights!      

It really is that simple.  If you'll take the time, I'll volunteer to come to your house and dial the numbers for you.  The next legislative session will be upon us soon.  We need to let these legislators know what's really happening.

Please call them! Today!

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