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Monday, September 10, 2012

The State of Alabama has something to hide...

...and I can prove it. Today, the State's Assistant Attorney General Jennifer M. Bush filed a Motion to Stay Discovery in my federal civil rights lawsuit against the State and DHR for violating my Constitutional and civil rights (Patterson v. Alabama, et al., Case 4:11-cv-04067-HGD). Now, that would normally not be a big deal, as discovery stays are informally agreed to all the time by parties awaiting the outcome of a dispositive motion (in my case, the State's Motion to Dismiss which was filed January 4, 2012). However, we made no such agreement.

In fact, discovery has been underway since March 2, 2012. According to the Rule 16 Scheduling Order issued by the federal judge in the matter, discovery was to end on December 14, 2012. Of an allotted 10 ½ months for discovery, 6 months have now passed, in other words, it is more than halfway over. I have submitted my supporting documentation as part of discovery, turning over 175 pages of evidence to support my claims. Now, all of a sudden, the defense wants to stay (delay) discovery. Why?

Last week, I submitted to the Defendants and the Court a Request for Production of Documents. This is a standard request made in every lawsuit since the beginning of time. In my request I asked for “the original or legible copy” of 12 specific documents. In addition, I requested a copy of the current State child support enforcement policy and procedure manual, any additional documents not specifically requested but contained within the file DHR has kept on me, and any documents that they plan to submit to the Court in their defense.

I highly doubt that anyone could make the case that my requests are overly broad or would represent some unnecessary burden on the Defendants by having to produce the documentation. I can guarantee you that it would take them less time and cost to provide what I requested, than it did for me to prepare and print the 175 pages of documentation I provided to them as part of my disclosures. That documentation that I provided, I might add, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt each and every claim I have against the State.

There is ONLY ONE REASON why the State would attempt this obstruction of justice, this late in the litigation process. They have something to hide. Something I requested will not only prove my claims, but likely open them up to further claims of civil rights abuses. They know this and that is why they are trying to prevent my fair access. Did I mention they had the opportunity to file this stay SIX MONTHS AGO if they felt then that it was necessary? Did I mention that I have already submitted my disclosures to them? Did I mention that they only took this action when I attempted to gain the same fair access to their records, that I willingly gave them to my records?


Your corrupt actions WILL SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY.  I am determined!

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