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Monday, December 3, 2012

What in the world is going on in Chilton County?

Simply astonishing. That is really all I can say about the story I wrote recently on Chilton County Judge Sibley G. Reynolds and his incarceration of Bonnie Sue Wyatt in a simple - and unlawful - debtors' prison. [see the article: "Tyranny and Corruption, Alabama style: Judge Sibley G. Reynolds"]

I could not believe that it was occurring originally, but I confirmed the veracity of the facts for myself. The plight of Bonnie Sue was first reported on Examiner.com on October 1, [see the article: "Are Alabama courts out of control?"] a few days after I first read about it on the blog Legal Schnauzer. Over the past couple of months, the matter has continually been brought to my attention. People in Chilton County are certainly talking about what has happened to Bonnie Sue though in whispered tones, and now that talk is spilling over into other parts of the State and its getting louder. 

I had an interesting talk today with Angie Collins, Ms. Wyatt's most recent attorney of record. She was openly unhappy with my reporting and made several threatening statements. I responded that I strive to ensure the accuracy of my reporting and if she would tell me what part was inaccurate, I'd be glad to further confirm my information. However, she would not name one specific misstatement or falsehood in my article despite claiming my facts "are wrong" short of saying "anything with her name on it" is untrue. She also refused to answer any questions relating to Ms. Wyatt's case. We made progress though, she actually returned a phone call relating to Ms. Wyatt. It is unfortunate though, that again she has refused to protect the interests of her client.

If Ms. Collins is upset about what I printed, she should be appreciative of what I did not publish. I take great lengths to verify information given to me before it is reported on, especially items of a sensitive nature like those associated with Ms. Wyatt's case. There has been an avalanche of information pouring out of Chilton County since the article was published. If I were to make a mistake and report something inaccurate, I would be the first to step forward and issue a retraction once it is discovered to be false or misleading. This whole situation makes my State look bad, and it is an embarrassment that I would even have to report on a story such a this. After weeks of investigation, and unsuccessfully trying to get them to act on the matter, it leaves me with no choice but to report on it.

The story of Bonnie Sue's suffering must be told so long as it continues. There is an easy way to make this all go away. Bonnie Sue Wyatt should be released from jail immediately and quickly restored her natural right of liberty. There is certainly no justification or reason to continue holding her captive. It is immoral and unjust, not to mention unlawful and unconstitutional. Every day that Ms. Wyatt remains incarcerated exasperates the situation, and continues this travesty against the principles of justice.

Why would an attorney threaten a reporter who is trying to shed light on this atrocious injustice? When have you EVER heard of an attorney that did not love press coverage in support of their clients?

Three words eliminate this as a news story: FREE BONNIE SUE.


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